Tadelakt plaster 25 kg

€ 100
Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan plastering technique where a special hydraulic lime plaster is used. With the right material and the technique a completely waterproof surface is achieved, therefore it is possible to use tadelakt in humid rooms and on the surfaces contacting with water.

The recipe of tadelakt plaster is worked out by our professionals and it is based on natural hydraulic lime. Most of the plaster components are from Estonia.

Tadelakt plaster mixture:
  • Size of the grain is 1,5 mm 
  • The plaster needs rough mineral base surface 
  • Need for water is 0,35-0,45 l for 1 kg powder
  • Soak in water at least 24 h 
  • Optimal size of one layer is 3-5 mm 
  • Need for plaster is 4-5 kg/m2 
  • Natural colour is gray-beige
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NB! We also sell smaller quantities if needed. Their price is 20% higher.