It was about year ago, autumn 2011 when we finished an apartment with a built-out attic in Kalamaja, Soo street. It was one of the first times when we cooperated with an interior designer, with home deisgner Monika Kaska. Like with every new thing we were cautious at first, but the cooperation triangle clietn/home deisgner/us was more than pleasant. The result satisfied all of us - it was natural and valued old materials.

We covered most of the walls with traditional lime plaster that we put on reed mat and board. We painted the walls with casein paints and we also covered one wall with wallpaper. In the bedroom we used clay plaster and clay paint and one wall also got covered with wallpaper.

The built-out attic and the apartment on the second floor got connected by an old restored straight stair. We saved the stair from a staircase of a Lender type of house that was demolished in the centre of Tallinn. The distance between the intermediate ceilings caused the need to extend the stair by three steps. To the stairhole we put a balustrade similar to the stair sticks.

As a bedroom door got a new life an old door from our warehouse that our craftsmen restored. The door was covered with white linseed oil paint and got new glasses.

New life got also old yellow oven tiles from our warehouse of which a potter made a new stove to the kitchen. Into the stove are integrated also electrical oven and cheramic electrical stove. The result was very beautiful!

The comments from the home designer: The home of Soo street is definitely one of my favourites! tänava kodu on kindlasti üks minu lemmikkodudest! The wish and the vision of the owner was to have a home with a good feeling. That wish led us to the Säästvad Ehituslahendused team. We decided that the walls must be breathing, to preserve the old ovens, to change the windows, to grain the doors and also to breathe life into the old oven tiles.

Säästvad Ehituslahendused came and made and plastered and painted. With this kind of positive workers it is a joy to work together. And this is the way how homes with this kind of feeling born! Building and renovating is a time-consuming and nerve-racking process, but with the right attitude, when the problems become challenges, can achieve excellent results. Besides we found yellow oven tiles from the warehouse of Säästvad Ehituslahendused and potter Jaan made a beautiful stone of them. We also found an old stair that Säästvad Ehituslahendused craftsmen restored and installed - now it seems that the stair has always been there.

I really recommend to have this kind of team - not many people are working with this attitude and joy. And what they do is fantastic. The quality of the works and their respect for the client is what makes them the best.

Look at the photos by Anna-Kai Tõrs and us in GALLERY!