During the last few years we have contributed to the development of the houses in Ristiku 21. The process has been thorough and of good quality. The result is beautiful apartments in the renovated house by the street and in the yard house, which was newly built up on the old foundation.
There was a lot of work and we did it in several phases. The first work was the exterior finishing of the street-side house's stone staircase, where we rebuilt the cornices. For plastering we used the hydraulic lime plaster made with putty and we painted it with silicat paint.

In the same staircase we also made the interior works. There were interesting old paintings on the walls which we left visible in several places. The rest of the walls we covered with lime plaster including some concrete and we painted with silicat and lime paints.

In both of the houses we plastered the inside walls with traditional lime plaster. We used thin reed mats under the plaster and 50 mm reed boards on the exterior walls. We restored the coved ceilings in every room. Many of the lime plastered surfaces were painted with casein paint from our production.

Both we and the client are satisfied with the result and we hope that also the future owners will like those apartments.