We have not yet shared a nice experience from last autumn. At the heart of Kalamaja on the Tööstuse street we made a complete renovating of one apartment. We liked the work, the result and the family and we used several new solutions.

Tööstuse 29 house was renovated by OÜ Perton Ehitus. The apartment that we finished has two floors and a beautiful view on the courtyard with apple-trees. The wish of the owner was that we use as much as possible natural finishing materials and old reused materials. So we proposed several interesting and innovative solutions.

We installed an old wooden stair with manually turned stair sticks and handrails. The stair was originally from a staircase and it originates from a house built at the beginning of 20th century in the city center. We renovated all the details and we painted it with white oil paint.

We covered the floor of the first floor with old 22 cm wide wooden floorboard that was from the demolishing trash of a renovated hous in Kalamaja. We removed the old paint layers from the floor, we polished it and oiled it with a natural floor oil.

Interesting solutions were the windowsills that we made of old 75 mm floor plank from a Tallinn house. The massive window sills finished with natural oil added a lot to the simple finishing solutions of the apartment.

For finishing the walls we used the blue-gray clay plaster from North Estonia that we plastered on the reed mat and board. In the living-room we cleaned the horizontal log wall for exponating. We painted all the walls and ceilings with natural white casein paint. In wet rooms we used lime plaster with hydraulic additives and we painted it with lime glue paint. The shower corner and its 1,5 m high wall we covered with traditional Moroccan plastering technique tadelakt.

Half a year later when we visited the apartment we could see some cracks on the wall caused by the movements of the construction. The gaps between the floorboards were partly dried wider. This is natural with old houses and repairing those minor defects is simple and the owner can make it himself. It is good that the family knew that it might happen and had taken it into account.

Owners comments: I had asked offerings from four companies before contacting Säästvad Ehituslahendused, but I hadn't got any suitable answers due to the complexity of the works and due my wishes that are not standard. First I asked the men from SE only to discuss the plastering of the walls and ceilings, but wiht five minutes I understood that they know how to renovate this kind of apartments and that they can do it. They offered many ingenious solutions and with about half an hour we had a complete renovating conception. I am especially delighted with the stair that I even couldn't dream about, and with the floorboards and window sills. The work schedule was tight, the men contributed a lot from their free time and finished the works on the agreed time. The cooperation was wonderful and regardless of the tight schedule I have only good memories from this period.

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