Lately we finished a big interior renovation project in Kalamaja, on Volta street. It is a home which is built together of two apartments. We renovated one half completely and we made smaller works on the other half. The result is cosy and beautiful.
We completely cleared out half of the apartment and begun to build it up from the so-called black box. We built some new walls and fixed some wood. We installed new floor and finished the floorboard with oilwax. We made the electricity works and pipeworks, and we cleaned and jointed the brick chimney.

On the walls and ceilings, as usually, we applied the reed mat and lime plaster on it. To the joints of walls and ceilings we made the round corner. We left one wall unplastered to show the beauty of the log wall. We used casein paint for finishing the plaster.

We installed floor heating to the bathroom and we tiled the floor. The walls got covered with lime plaster and on some places also tiled. We painted the lime plaster with lime glue paint.

We installed a small window, which we restored, between the bathroom and bedroom. This is a good way to get some natural light to the bathroom. Quite a lot light moves also between the kitchen and bedroom as between them is a gorgeus double door with lots of glasses. The door is from our salvage material stock and it is very outstanding after restoring. We also restored the bathroom's wooden door.

The result is a cosy apartment where both us and the owners are very happy with the works.