At this sunny weekend, 21 and 22 May we took part of Kalamaja Days. We presented our half-timbered pavilion made during our winter workshop, instructed by Tarmo Tammekivi from Society of Estonian Native Construction. Thank you, Tarmo!

We built a wooden shingle roof to this pavilion with the help of Amain Ehitus OÜ and fair visitors, instructed by Ain Siska. Thank you, Ain!

The visitors could see our plastering examples, plaster and paint mixtures, old material, products of reuse design, cross-sections of clay and plank constructions and many photos of our works.

On Sunday the visitors had a possibility to make examples of clay, sand and paper plaster, see the process of making casein paint and painting with it.

The weather was beautiful and the people were nice. We liked it!