Project name: Developing methods of teaching tadelakt and natural building and creating wider opportunities for adults to learn it

Project duration: 1 September 2014 - 31 August 2016
Project financer:
Project coordinator:
Säästvad Ehituslahendused Ltd.
Compalha (Portugal), Alen y Calche (Spain, since 2015), Embarro Iberica (Spain, until 2015)

The project focuses on different teaching methods of natural waterproof technique tadelakt and other techniques of natural building. During the project the partners from Estonia, Spain and Portugal exchange their experiences on teaching adults in the field of natural building, they get new teaching and working skills, their language skills develop and they get new international experiences.

As a result of the project a tadelakt step-by-step guide will be made and it remains available in Internet for everybody. The guide will be in Estonian, Spanish, Portuguese and English. The guide will be prepared by the Estonian and Spanish partner who have years of experience with tadelakt, and it is tested on the Portuguese partner and on the unemployed persons involved in the project. Here are the long version and the short printable version of the guide, both in four languages:
the guide in English
the printable version in English
the guide in Estonian
the printable version in Estonian
the guide in Spanish
the printable version in Spanish
the guide in Portuguese
the printable version in Portuguese

In addition we created a re-skilling programme for unemployed people. This programme can be used by anyone. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.

Two years of the project make learning tadelakt more available on European level, there are more re-skilling opportunities for unemployed, partner organisations are more able for international cooperation and they can carry out international workshops, there ise higher knowledge about the benefits of natural building creating healthier and greener environment.

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