Project name: Giving breath to buildings (GIBB)

Project duration: 1 August 2011 - 31 July 2013
Project financer: Lifelong learning programme Leonardo da Vinci
Project coordinator: Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore "Orazio Notarangelo-Giuseppe Rosati"

Säästvad Ehituslahendused Ltd., University of Adiyaman (Faculty of Technology)

The project GIBB gave the chance to students and all participants of the project to have experiences in different European countries about the maintenance and the building of houses with ecological materials. The Estonian and Turkish partner shared experiences about ecological building, their knowledge gave the theoretical and practical basis to the whole partnership. The Italian partner made a business plan for a supposed little ecological building enterprise, the plan was made by the students for getting an experience.

During the project the following topics were dealt with: solar panel systems, natural plasters (lime, clay) and paints, wooden roofs, houses of straw and clay, log houses, evaluating existing ecologically built buildings, etc.

The results of the project were: DVD that summarized the experiences of the partners; blog about all aspects of the project; business plan, concerning the startup and the management of a (simulated) company operating in the maintaining and repairing market for buldings that are built using only ecological materials and techniques; various learning activities during the meetings in Italy, Estonia and Turkey; the final conference where we summarized all the project's activities.

During the project there were meetings in Turkey, Italy and Estonia. Our team had alltogether 23 mobilities.

The first visit to Turkey took place on 9-13 April 2012. We visited Italy on 6-9 November 2012. The partners came to Estonia on 13-17 May 2013. The final meeting of the project took place on 22-25 July 2013.

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