We had a pleasure and honor to work in a nice manor in Järvamaa. The manor from the 18th century fascinated us with its restoring style and with its nature. We enjoyed it all until the Christmas last year when the finishing works in a room in the Esna manor ended.

We worked in the eldest part of the manor's main house where the bearing walls are made of wood and have a wooden cladding. The room of 25 m2 was reconstructed a lot in the soviet times when there was the office of the collective farm. We maintained the current situation as much as possible, because this is also part of the past.

We put a new wooden floor on the earthen floor. We put a reed board on the walls and plastered it with traditional lime plaster that was painted with lime glue paint. We fixed the old stove and covered it with egg tempera. The door for the room was found from our old material store. Into one doorway we built a cupboard above which we kept the beton cornice from the soviet times. The result was interesting and beautiful.

As appropriate to the object below the heritage conservation we made a report about the works. The supervisor was the local craftsman Sven Aluste who has the necessary licence.