In summers 2016 and 2017 we carried out two clay building workshops in Viljandi county. The workshops covered the general principles of clay building, cob techniques and building of Rumford fireplace and pizza-oven.
In June 2017 took place a three-days workshop about building a pizza-oven. An handmade pizza- and bread oven in the cob technique (clay, sand, straw) was built.
The oven made of natural materials gives a unique taste to the food. The oven sends heat by the air, by the contact with the base and by the heat accumulated in the walls. The breathing walls of the oven lead the humidity through the wall or keep the humidity if necessary.

In August 2016 a workshop of two and a half days took place about Rumford fireplace. It was taught how to build a Rumford fireplace of clay-sand and cob technique (clay, sand, straw).
It is a high and thin fireplace with good radiation and it has very good ability to reflect heat. You can give round forms to the oven by using clay mixtures and you do not need much experience for that. The advantage of using clay is that the fireplace heats fast and evenly, it has long-time heating refund and 100% natural origin.

The fireplaces made during the workshops were built to the outdoor kitchen and also on the field stone walls, which were built during previous workshops. One chimney links all the fireplaces. There is an outdoor stove and smoke oven near the new fireplaces forming a nice whole.

The workshops were instructed by our good cooperation partner Jaanus Viese, who teaches different clay building techniques, both old and new ones.