Our Erasmus+ tadelakt cooperation project "Developing methods of teaching tadelakt and natural building and creating wider opportunities for adults to learn it" is full of action and at the beginning of May we went to Spain for one week to the project meeting.

After the project meeting in November 2014 in Portugal the Spanish and Estonian partner got the task to write part of the tadelakt guide. The purpose was to complete for the next meeting the English draft of the main chapters of the guide, so we could discuss them together.

At the beginning of the new year we had a formal partner change. Instead of Embarro Iberica we got a new Spanish partner Alen y Calche. There was no actual change for the project as in both of those companies are active the same persons.

Our Spanish partner hosted us near Valencia at the beginning of May. The practical activities were carried out in cooperation with local natural building company Okambuva. We presented them our activities and we visited the works of Okambuva. In collaboration with the partners we carried out a three-days tadelakt workshop, where we exchanged our experiences in covering surfaces of different shapes with tadelakt and we shared our skills to the members of Okambuva. We applied tadelakt on curvy walls, on big round vases-bowls and on one sink.

From the teoretical part we worked through the draft of the tadelakt guide and during the discussions we got to the decision how to go on with it. The purose is to finalise the English guide before the next meeting and to give it for testing to those members of the Portuguese partner who have no previous experience with tadelakt. Then we get to know if the guide really works if its user does not know previously anything about tadelakt.

On the free time during the project meeting we held competitions in table tennis, in table football and in billiards, we enjoyed fresh oranges and delicious Spanish cuisine. We also had the possibility to go to the coast of the Mediterranean, to walk around in Sagunto and Valencia and to have a boat trip in the Albufera natural park. Warm and sunny weather favoured our activities. The meeting was memorable and successful!

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