At the beginning of November we went to Southern Italy - Bari and Foggia - to the second meeting of the Lifelong learning programme Leonardo da Vinci project "Giving Breath To Buildings". The purpose of the meeting was getting to know the Italian ecological and traditional architecture, we and the Turkish partner also introduced our different activity fields.

The Italian partner Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore "Orazio Notarangelo-Giuseppe Rosati" organised a seminar in Bari about ecological building. There was made a presentation about the project Astonyshine (, that participated in a competition in Madrid named Solar Decathlon 2012. It is an house that works on solar heating, there are used different energy efficient technologies and optimal design. One example house was built in Bari so we could see and sicover the house. From our part we made in the seminat a presentation about natural building and reuse of building materials in Estonia and the Turkish partner - University of Adiyaman, Faculty of Technology - introduced different devices working on solar energy like cars, buses, bird scarers, etc.

Next days we spent in Foggia. The Italian partner organised us meeting with the city mayor and with the school's management, we got to know local history and culture (visiting the museum, concert by the students of the music school). Very impressive was visiting the cathedral - we got an access to the upper floors where we could see the historical wooden constructions of the cathedral.

We spent one day in Alberobello that is know for its unique buildings named "trullo" in Italian. They are built without using any mortar or cement - the stones are laid on each other in this way that they stay stable.

In addition to the local architecture we were demonstrated also local gastrology. We had socail dinners on several evenings, where we got different pizzas, pastas, bread, chees, etc. The meeting was very successful, we got many memorable experiences and we hope that we can offer the same to the partners when they come to Estonia.

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