In the middle of October we had another meeting in Portugal of our Erasmus+ tadelakt project "Developing methods of teaching tadelakt and natural building and creating wider opportunities for adults to learn it". We spent an intensive week in Portugal.

The activities of the project meeting took place in Montemor-o-Novo where we cooperated with local organisation Oficinas do Convento and with their castle hill pottery Telheiro, who produce handmade building materials of clay. They offered us the possibility to use their rooms for a tadelakt workshop and they tested our tadelakt guide.

One of the main activities during the meeting was to revise the guide thoroughly by the entire project team. Before the meeting one person from Telheiro made four tadelakt samples according to the draft of our guide and now she gave us feedback. As we supposed, several places in the guide needed some additions. In Portugal we decided the final structure of the guide, we discussed about different technical solutions and we made the exact schedule for finalising the guide.

The other most important part of the meeting was organising a two-days tadelakt workshop for local people. The Portugal partner advertised the workshop well, so 11 Portuguese came to learn tadelakt. It was a great challenge to carry out the bilingual (in Portuguese and in English) workshop in cooperation of three partners. The participants were very enthusiastic and as the result of the workshop many surfaces were covered with colourful tadelakt.

During our free time we went to old castles in surroundings, we visited briefly Monsaraz, Évora and Lisbon and we walked on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. We also enjoyed the local food.

There will be only one more project meeting at the end of spring, this time in Estonia. For then the tadelakt guide will be ready and we arrange a final conference for introducing the guide. The conference will be open for everyone.

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