Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan plastering technique where a special hydraulic lime plaster is used. With the right material and the technique a completely waterproof surface is achieved, therefore it is possible to use tadelakt in humid rooms and on the surfaces contacting with water. With tadelakt we cover walls, ceilings, work surfaces, ovens, fireplaces, etc. The most common works are finishing shower and bath corners, kitchen work surface and sink backgrounds and the walls of toilets and bathrooms. The natural colour of tadelakt is beige, but with pigments it is possible to achieve colours from broken white to very dark ones. In our product line you can find Estonian tadelakt!


The charm of tadelakt finishing is seen especially on curved surfaces. We make unique and waterproof shelves, washbasins, baths, chairs, work surfaces, etc. As load-bearing elements we use Aeroc- and Fibo-blocks. It is possible to make fresco paintings on tadelakt.