On plastering workshops we learn how to mix plasters from components, how to prepare the surfaces, apply reed mat and reed plate and how to use different plastering techniques. The workshops are very practical, all participants can try different plastering phases on sample walls or on real sites.

On tadelakt workshops we practice traditional Moroccon waterproof finishing technique. We go through all the working phases from preparing the surfaces to the final polishing. Each participant can try tadelakt on a small sample that can be taken home, and also on bigger surfaces.

On the windows restoring workshops we give a thorough overview of all the important work phases and techniques that are needed on restoring an old window. Due to the similar work phases the window restoring workshop is suitable also for those who want to restore a door. It is possible to come to the workshop with your own old window or practice on our windows.

On the natural paints workshops the participants can try painting with different natural paints: casein paint, clay paint, lime glue paint, egg tempera... We learn how to prepare the surfaces, how to mix the paint and how to use different painting techniques.